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Basic Information

Vacancy Number: HRM/KMO 001 -21
Title: Head of Taloqan Regional Management Office (Head of TRMO)
Category: Management
Duration: Open-Ended
Exp.: 2021-03-17
Jobs no: 1
Salary: As per SCA salary scale
Gender: Male/Female


Organization: Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA)
Location: Takhar, AF


Work Experience: 5-7 ’ Relevant Work Experience within Interna Years


Master’s Degree or equivalent in relevant professional field preferably Development Studies General Programme/ Project Management.  


5-7 years’ relevant work experience within international development with NGOs UN Agencies or similar organizations. 3 – 5 years’ experience in programme project planning and implementation.
Experience in the Rights-Based Approach to Development.
Demonstrated team-building capabilities and strong organizational interpersonal communication and negotiation skills
Proven ability to prioritize delegate handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
Ability to take initiatives innovate and pursue work proactively.
Ability to analyses information evaluate options and to think and plan strategically.
Experience in planning reporting and budgeting.
Gender and cultural sensitivity required.
Excellent command of spoken and written English and Dari/Pashto.
Computer skill at the operator level especially with MS Office packages.
Ability and willingness to travel to the project sites within Afghanistan and adjust to the SCA environment.
Excellent presentation skills.

Duties & Responsibilities

Scope of work:

The Head of Regional Management Office (HoRMO) takes the overall managerial and leadership of all matters pertaining to RMO including day-to-day security management. She/he manages the operations programme/project implementation and represents the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) in a designated region of the country. HoRMO is responsible at the concerned RMO to make sure that the contribution of related Projects/Units at the RMO to reaching the strategic objectives of SCA in line with work plans and budgets is made properly.

The HoRMO is responsible to supervise and monitor the utilization of all the allocated human and financial resources to make the sure effective efficient and transparent implementation of the operations and the assigned tasks. Therefore the HoRMO is accountable for delivering the set programme/project results at the regional level by concentrating on the achievement of targets supervision monitoring capacity building networking and promotion of integration between projects within the auspices of the RMO.

The HoRMO is to make sure an active engagement of her team in programme design and management through various processes such as planning proposals reporting budgeting procurement evaluations monitoring human resource management and audits. She/he is responsible to ensure internal coordination and synergy among different projects/units while external coordination with the concerned governmental authorities in the region. She/he represents SCA in the region e.g. in all non-sectorial/technical meetings workshops conferences etc.

All the project/units managers including the Communications HR and M&E Senior Offices are directly reporting to the HoRMO. 

Main Responsibilities:


Day to day management of the office and related projects
Represent SCA at the regional level. 
Lead and managerially support the team at RMO level to deliver all the set outputs and outcomes with full implementation of the planned activities with constant supervision and monitoring of activities as well as quality assurance and active coordination and synergy (internally and externally)
To make sure that geographical identification stakeholder analysis and pre-assessment of the interventions are made on time and properly.
To lead and support the services and support units to ensure proper security management of the SCA premises projects and staff at the related region.
To lead the team (Project/Unit Managers) in a way that they can utilize the allocated resources in an effective and efficient way.
To make sure that the procurements of the materials and equipment available in the region as well as recruitments of all the needed staff within the region is made in accordance with set guidelines regulations and delegated instructions.
To make sure that the SCA Strategic Plan and policy (vision mission and values) are fully adhered to in all operations and project implementations in the region.

Programme/Project Implementation:

To oversee management and implementation of the planned activities according to the approved WP&B and action-plans
To mobilize and support the team at RMO level to be actively involved in assessments research and evaluation conducted by KMO and consider them as a learning process.
To sign agreements MoUs and contracts at the regional level between SCA and various actors as per stipulated authority level of rules and regulations
To lead and support the Method/CD Unit at the RMO in a way that they can ensure all thematic and cross-cutting issues are well adhered to during the implementation of activities.

Planning Budgeting and Reporting:

To guide and support the RMO Project/Units staff in need assessment of the new activities and drafting proposals with the consultation of PD Programme and Cross-Cutting Units at KMO
To oversee initiation of the annual plan and budget elaboration in accordance with guidelines from KMO
To guide and overall review elaboration of different reports (annual semi-annual quarterly and monthly) for either SCA donors or DoEco by the concerned project/unit managers.

Human Resources:

Lead and support HR Strategic objectives by overseeing the recruitment of RMO staff (project-based or permanent) in accordance with delegated authority as stated in the SCA Staff Handbook


To lead and supervise the finance team at RMO to make sure that accurate financial reports and regular budget follow-up is provided to the budget holders in the RMO.
To manage and properly utilize his/her own (HoO) budget.

Procurement & Logistic:

To oversee and ensure timely and correct planning and execution of procurement as delegated by the procurement manual.


To oversee and guide the Admiration manager at the RMO level to ensure quality and timely services and support provided for the project staff.
To support the Administration Manager (Security Focal Point) in security management of the RMO and related project or LOs

Networking and Linkages:

Oversee and mobilize the project/unit at RMO to ensure proper representation of SCA at the regional level strengthen linkages with partners assess and identify advocacy areas and priorities in line with SCA Vision and Strategic Objectives.

Monitoring and Supervision:

Monitoring of field project activities wherever is possible.

Share information within the RMO and development of team spirit.
To monitor all the units and functions at RMO to contribute to the WP&B process donor and annual reports in a coordinated manner.
To ensure that human rights and gender issues are taken into consideration in all activities and processes.

Linkages with other Departments/Units/Sectors:

To oversee and ensure that all units and functions maintain their relations with local authorities stakeholders and organizations in an accountable and transparent manner.
To oversee and promote close coordination with KMO programme/units and active contribution to any assessments evaluations and studies within the related region.
To guide and support drafting reports to donors and WP&B by the projects/units at RMO to the related departments and units at KMO.

Values Accountability and Integrity:

Take responsibility for your own work and honestly seeking to achieve organizational and personal objectives.

Ambitious and Creative:

A commitment to growth and making difference in the lives of others through innovative ways.


Builds and maintains effective relationships with the team colleagues approachable diplomatic and supportive with developed listening skills.

Submission Guideline

Interested qualified candidates should submit a full CV with a cover letter explaining their motivation in applying for the job and highlighting their relevant skills and experience;
To apply online please send your application / CV and cover letter through the below Link:


Candidates may also submit applications by letter (hard copy) directly to the SCA HRM Unit in either Kabul Ghazni Kunduz Wardak Taloqan Mazar-e-Sharif Laghman or Jalalabad;
Academic certificates or references need not to be submitted at this time. These will be requested if called for an interview.
Only short-listed candidates will be invited for written test and interview.

SCA is committed to ethical standards a safe diverse and inclusive work environment.  Our work is based on our values: Responsiveness Equality Impartiality Social Justice and Integrity.

Background and reference checks are part of the recruitment process and will be conducted for the successful candidate.

Email: https://swedishcommittee.org/about/vacanciesafghanstaff?uuid=eb9b9948-bc13-4652-b84d-0942388d9934