Health Supervisor

شناسه پست:PU-AMI/HR/JAL/001304
عنوان: Health Supervisor
دسته بندی:صحی و طبی
مدت:7 MONTHS
تاریخ ختم: 2021-04-17-(1 هفته مانده)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:As per the Organization salary scale
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: PU-AMI | درباره PU-AMI
شهر: لغمان
کشور: AF


تحصیلات:MD/midwife degree from a recognized government or approved private university
تجربه کاری:At least 3 of experience in BPHS/EPHS partic سال


•           MD/midwife degree from a recognized government or approved private university.

•           At least 3 years of experience in BPHS/EPHS particularly in MNCH section.

•           Strong knowledge/familiarity in the eastern region particularly Laghman province.

•           Experience in the provision of trainings.

•           Good knowledge of MNCH standards

•           Strong capacity of supervision monitoring communication and reporting.

•           Excellent knowledge of local languages Pashto Dari

•           Good knowledge of English for the reporting purpose.

•           Rigorous Autonomous Adaptable and Polyvalent.



Responsibilities and particular assignmentsمسؤلیت ها و وظایف مشخ                                                                                                   

General responsibilitiesمسؤلیت های عمومی :

HEALTH SUPERVISOR is responsible for overall supervision of mother and child health activities in the targeted HFs where PU-AMI establishes midwives accommodation.

HEALTH SUPERVISOR will ensure quality of the services through regular field visits and giving feedback to field staff and reporting to line manager.

HEALTH SUPERVISOR is responsible to supervise the planned activities in the selected HFs to promote institutional deliveries in the targeted health facilities and provide on the job training to midwives to improve the quality of care for RmNCH services.

S/he will assist in the design of curriculum and implementation of trainings for midwives and other staffs related to their jobs.

HEALTH SUPERVISOR is also responsible for crosschecking of RmNCH data at Health facilities level to ensure consistency and accuracy.

S/he will ensure coordination/communication on the field level among the HFs staff and with other stakeholders involved in the program such as community CHWs and others.

Objective 1: Project Supervision and Monitoring

Activities/Main duties:

HEALTH SUPERVISOR will do regular field supervision and monitoring visits to ensure quality in all the three targeted HFs of Laghman province.

Project Health Officer will update his/her line manager with the field visit reports and action plans.

S/he will ensure provision of feedback along with action plan to the HF staff following each visit.

HEALTH SUPERVISOR will identify challenges in the quality of implementation then will do follow up with line manager to find a suitable solution.

HEALTH SUPERVISOR will do follow up on the proper implementation of the planned activities as per project’s plan in the targeted HFs.

S/he will do follow up on the referral cases which are not possible to be handle on this HF level and reasons of the referral.

Identify any challenge and problem in term of cash provision for referral.

Ensure the fund is available in the HF level for deserve women.

Attend local health committee (LHC) meetings to present the project to the respected community and aware the community about the available services provides through WHI supported project.

HEALTH SUPERVISOR will ensure the set-up of all delivery rooms according to RMNCH standard.


Objective 2: Data collection and follow up


Activities/Main duties:

HEALTH SUPERVISOR will provide support in the data collection tools designing and the good reporting towards mother and child health indicators.

In partnership with the MEAL department HEALTH SUPERVISOR will ensure the accuracy of the data with direct monitoring and supervision.

In partnership with the MEAL department HEALTH SUPERVISOR will do follow up of the data collection and will archive original copies of the reports on both HF and office level.

S/he will make sure daily use of data collection’s tools and their proper filling.

S/he will make sure that the collected data after its analysis showed on the charts monthly wise and recommendations for improvement are provided.

S/he will make sure that mother and child health care reports are receiving timely to the MEAL team.

Provision of quarterly data for health cluster presentation.


Objective 3: to improve quality of the mother and child health services

Activities/Main duties:

HEALTH SUPERVISOR will ensure his/her self from the privacy of the delivery and other services related to mother and child health (MCH) care.

S/he will ensure that the medical protocols and MoPH policies are respected by medical staff in their daily practice.

During the visit s/he will ensure that infection prevention is respected in daily practice for the MCH unit.

S/he will make sure that the patients files linked to MCH are properly filled such as registers cards…

S/he is responsible for continue need assessment either for the equipment/tools or for the capacity building of the staff.

S/he will do follow up of the planned trainings for the staff of the targeted 3 HFs (midwife doctors etc.).

S/he will support the staff with the provision of on-the-job trainings on their daily procedures.

S/he will make sure that PU-AMI provided kits drugs and equipment are properly used and maintained.

S/he will provide support to the HF staff to ensure a good coordination among the HF staff to enhance quality of the services.

Preparation of training plan for CHWs and its follow up.

Objective 4:  Coordination on the base and field level.

Activities/Main duties:

Coordinate project progress in each step with line manager and other concerned team members.

Providing relevant feedback and recommendations based on direct observations.

Keep community involved in the project implementation and about its progress

Report any problems or delays to the project officer in a timely manner.

Attending required meetings if asked for with the relevant agencies (PHCC clusters LHC BPHS implementer and others)

Preparation of action plan for any external visits/feedbacks and their regular follow up through monthly progress report.

Keeping close coordination with the BPHS implementer in the province for any decision on the HF level.

Planning and organizing regular meetings with the HFs staff for feedback to the staff and their instruction in the required areas.


Objective 5: Reporting and documentation

Activities/Main duties:

Preparation of weekly monthly or quarterly report as per the project’s scheme.

Provision of ad-hoc base reports for some specific issues such as security challenge against the project progress and so on.

Preparation of filling and documentation system for the projects

Ensure record keeping system for the HFs and project.

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