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Basic Information

Vacancy Number: PU-AMI/HR/KBL/001356
Title: Hydro Geologist Consultant
Category: Engineering
Duration: 1 Month
Exp.: 2021-06-29
Jobs no: 1
Salary: 80000 AFN
Gender: Male/Female


Organization: PU-AMI
Location: Kabul, AF


Work Experience: 5 experience in Hydrogeology/Borehole Years

Qualification/ Requirements تحصیلات و شرایط لازمه

Article 9: Qualification Skills and Experiences:

Company  profile/applicant  which  should  demonstrate  the  core  activities  of  the  firm  in  offering Groundwater Consultancy services.
CV of the Hydro geologist Consultant who should have minimum of Master’s degree in Geology and 5 years of work experience  in Hydrogeology/Borehole drilling/ground water prospecting activities preferably in East region of Afghanistan .
Proven field technical and field experience of the company. Consultancies performed in the last 3 years.
Proof of availability of all the equipment’s required to perform the task. Attach proof of ownership or lease of the equipment’s.
The consultant is willing to work within the existing context. 

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsibilities and particular assignmentsمسؤلیت ها و وظایف مشخص

Article 1: Objective:

This contract set the conditions for the implementation of one (01) percussion Borehole in Karizmir BHC Kabul Province within the framework of Premiere Urgence-Aide Medical Internationale’s (PU-AMI) WASH intervention in Afghanistan funded by AHF.

The mentioned borehole will be drilling in the inside of the health facility(HF) only for daily water needs of HF in order to ensure that sufficient water available for health services laundry Kitchen drinking and sanitation.

1:1 Purpose of the task and scope of the assignment:

The Supervisor’s responsibility is to provide technical advice to the Client (PU-AMI) offer oversight during the Borehole construction and management sustainability measures and act as his faithful representative on site.  He will fulfil his due diligence as stipulated in his/her contract/Job description and ALSO ensure that all works are carried out according to the Contract and the Technical Specifications of the contractor.   He/she should carry out supervision in conformity with sound professional practices and standards.

1:2 Drilling Supervision: Tasks of the Drilling Supervisor:

The tasks of the Supervisor include pre-drilling preparatory and drilling supervision but are not necessarily limited to the following;

Considering the design and BoQ the contractor should regularly check the works and provide guidance to the workers.
Assess the Borehole Management structures established before commencement of Borehole drilling and provide recommendations. 
Site  selection:  verify  that  drilling  is  carried  out  at  the  exact  spot  selected  by  Karizmir BHC director technical authorities and Client.
Review and confirm the quality materials are used in the drilling of the Borehole/s casing best practice applied etc.
Inspection and verification of drilling equipment (physical plant and consumables) and borehole materials (casing screen gravel pack etc.) on site; ensure that suitable equipment and sufficient materials are on site before drilling commences.
Assist  as  appropriate  in  the  selection  of  a  source  of  drilling  make-up  water   and  liaise  with  relevant authorities  or  utilities  in  ensuring  that  the  source  is made  available throughout  the  drilling  operations.  Waters of high  total dissolved solids or of very  low or very high pH may denature drilling additives and can   in  certain circumstances   lead  to  the  loss of  the hole  through collapse or  ´heave´ when an additive ´breaks´.
Monitor the Contractors daily progress and keep a detailed record (all activities relevant to the construction of  the  borehole  and  associated  works);  this  record  should  be  independent  of  the  record  kept  by  the Contractor and will be used to verify quantities overworks or standby time claimed by the Contractor
Sampling  and  geological  logging  of  drill  cuttings;  ensuring  that  the Contractor  collects   dries   bags  and labels samples in accordance with the Contract.  Analyses and interprets the geological logs in accordance with accepted or agreed methods or in conjunction with geophysical logging data.
Monitor  the  outflow  of  water  or  drilling  fluid  during  the  drilling  process   using  a  V-notch  weir  or  other suitable volumetric flow measuring method; noting changes in outflow volume: and monitor changes in the crude  chemical  characteristics  of  drill  fluid  or  returns  by  means  of  a  suitable  instrument  such  as  an electrical conductivity meter.
Monitor  drilling  penetration  rate;  this  should  consider  bit  diameter  and  other  drilling  criteria  such  as pull-down  or  holdback   loss  of  circulation  and  any  other  relevant  variable;  rate  of  penetration  may  be expressed  in  terms of  time  to drill a  single  length of drill-pipe or measured part  thereof  for direct  rotary plant: or time per unit length for percussion plant.
Of  particular  importance  is  any  sudden  change  in  the  rate  of  penetration;  penetration  rates  should  be correlated with observed drill cuttings and interpreted geology and hydrogeology.
In the event that down hole geophysical logs are deployed the Supervisor will oversee the entire operation and undertake the interpretation in conjunction with the geological logs already collected.
Advise the Driller where necessary on matters of drilling casing installation development or pump testing as circumstances dictate.
In  conjunction with  the Driller   draw  up  a  permanent  design  for  casing   screen   gravel  pack   grout  and sanitary seals on  the basis of observed outflow penetration rate geological samples and other pertinent variables.  The design philosophy should be explained to the Client.
Supervise the installation of materials installed in the borehole and keep a tally of quantities used.  Ensure that installation proceeds according to design or justify changes in installation in the light of actual down hole conditions.
Draw  up  and  supervise  a  suitable  well  development  programme   either  in  accordance  with  observed conditions or  the Technical Specifications; and  terminate  the development process when appropriate or after consultation with the Client.
Undertake or supervise the pumping tests stipulated in the Contract and Technical Specifications; check and analyse the data collected: these must include elapsed time discharge and water level data; and may include water quality parameters such as electrical conductivity or total dissolved solids temperature pH total alkalinity dissolved oxygen and redox potential.
Support  in  collection  of  water  samples  and  analysis  according  to  the  Contract  and  Technical Specifications;.
Ensure that water samples are analysed for biological and chemical activity as agreed in the Contract and Technical Specifications or as otherwise appropriate.
Ensure that the borehole is properly flushed to ensure all debris and foreign materials introduced are removed from the borehole well.
Provide any other technical supervisory works and advisory works that arise.
On  the  basis  of  test  data  interpretation   recommend  safe  discharge  and  pump  installation  depth  to  the Client.  The safe intake depth must take into account the likely variations in ´natural´ water levels brought about by seasonal influences.
Ensure drilling and campsite restitution in accordance with the Contract and Technical Specifications or as otherwise necessary.
Confirm the works done are as per the scheme of works annexed to this agreement - Certify invoices submitted by the Contractor to the Client checking quantities and times against his/her own records.
Support the process of selection establishment and Training of Borehole management (Water Management Committee and Water technicians).
Conduct one Post Borehole Drilling - monitoring mission to asses borehole management and water utilization capacities and practices after 3 months  of completion to ascertain Borehole operationalization and water management Committee functionality)
Signing the final inspection report for final acceptance of works. 

Article 2: Job management:

2.1: Access

It is up to the Consultancy to arrange at his own expenses the necessary platform and stock for its materials and equipment installation on the site. The Consultancy will manage on his own means the supply of the adequate and necessary materials equipment and technical specialized staff to the drilling site. The Consultancy is responsible for the logistics costs for the transportation of the equipment to the site.

Consultancy should regularly countercheck the services materials and equipment allocated for the accomplishment of the project with the PU-AMI designated authorized technical representative for quality control and assurance purpose before implementing the project. 

2.2: Work organization

Coordination between PU-AMI and the Consultancy must be ensured during the length of the works. Nevertheless the Consultancy will be placed under the authority of PU-AMI representative.

2.3: Security in the site

The general security on the field is under the responsibility of the consultancy. This includes security for their staff and also for the community and/or civilians passing by.

The consultancy will be fully in charge of the safety and security of his equipment and staff. It is up to the consultancy to ensure the security even relying on non-armed guards. PU-AMI will not be at any case responsible of any degradation or stealing of material and/or equipment.

Article 3: Output (Specific Objectives):

The consultancy should keep an accurate and systematic record of the works done. He shall furnish PU-AMI with a technical report of the works with detailed accounts of materials used technical data such as well completion details and pump test data. In addition to that the contractor should check the below technical activities and equipment’s in the site and should provide the report to PU-AMI:

3:1: Technical specification

Article 6: Indicative Time frame.

Total number of days of the assignment is 30 working days which could also be discussed between both parties.

Tentative dates are from; 

1.  Phase 1 – Drilling installation of equipment’s and providing of reports of each construction activities1-July-2021 to 15-Jul-2021

2.  Post drilling Monitoring Field Mission -15-July-2021 to 30-July-2021

Article 7: Expression of interest:

Any qualified consultancy firm interested in undertaking this task should send an expression of interest comprising:

Technical  proposal;  The  technical  proposal  should  briefly  and  clearly  describe  the  following  aspects;

Understanding  of  the  task   Technical  aspect  of  the  proposal   Methodology  to  be  used   operational  plan   and curriculum vitae (CV as an annex) of the person(s) to do the work and with contact details.

Financial proposal: The financial proposal/budget of the task should be broken down in details as follows:

Consultancy  fees   data  processing  and  analysis  and  report  production  costs  and  should  be  submitted  in  AFN currency and shall remain valid for up to sixty  (60) days from the day of submission.    

Submission Guideline

Please note while sending your C.V & Cover letter mention the vacancy number and position in the subject line of your email application received after the closing date and without subject line will not be taken in consideration.

The interested candidates have to submit their soft copies of application & C.Vs only by email & there is no need of educational and other documents to attach.

Submission  Email: afg.recruitment@pu-ami.org

Note: Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the above criteria will be contacted & local applicants from the same province are encouraged to apply and will be given priority.

Note: if qualified person and proposal is submitted sooner that much consultant requirement the recruitment process may be completed before the mentioned deadline.

Email: afg.recruitment@pu-ami.org