Hygiene Trainer (Male)

شناسه پست:KZ-005/240419
عنوان: Hygiene Trainer (Male)
دسته بندی:Agriculture
مدت:4 Months
تاریخ ختم: 2019-06-04-(1 ماه پیش)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:ACTED salary scale
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: ACTED | درباره ACTED
شهر: کندز
کشور: AF


تحصیلات: Preferred Bachelor’s degree in related field
تجربه کاری:At least 2 of experience in planning organi سال

Preferred Bachelor’s degree in related field.

Only male qualified candidates can apply.

Adequacy for the assignment

Experience with community mobilization in a rural and/or insecure context including marginalized populations especially women in community activities;

Knowledge of hygiene standards and requirements of local institutions (MAIL MRRD etc.)

Understanding of the local hygiene sectors.



Under the direct supervision of the Provincial Supervisor or Project Manager   the Hygiene trainer –WASH is responsible for field WASH internal/external community public health and hygiene management quantity verification and confirmation of the sustainability of the program organizing public health and hygiene trainings and coordinating with training providers local authorities verifying the fact of measures according to the line manager guidance and well training mobilization skill to manage a successful program implemented by ACTED Afghanistan and. S/he is need to show the sustainable impact of the program in the field.

He / She is also responsible for any staff allocated to him/her for the implementation of any given project and is expected to supervise and support each public health and hygiene volunteer staff and member accordingly.

General function and objectives of the position:


Implemented successful public health and hygiene mobilization the field level WASH program activities in his area of Responsibility

Improving ACTED presence and visibility in the field level and WASH groups

Daily field visit for each household/ villages which is under a particular project to insuring work done/quality/community participation / sustainability of the program/ mobilization/capacity building/training programs/ community base accountability and confirm all the proposed activities according to the program design and feasibility base on public health and hygiene.

To ensure that sustainable systems are set in place for longer term operation and maintenance of all WASH and sanitation facilities including the provision of all necessary training

He / She is fully responsible for his / her activities in terms of quality the meeting of deadlines trainings and to ensure community/beneficiaries ownership and sustainability upon hygiene awareness and practice

To meet the demand for improving skills in hygiene promotors and to build up a pool of promotors in different villages and districts.


Main Functions and Responsibilities:


Coordination and liaison with local authorities and field stakeholders;

Compose questionnaires and interview population; 

Compile and analyses the data received from the questionnaire campaign;  

Conduct household school and/or mosque visits (depending on gender) to promote good hygiene practices;

Develop creative methods of communication and teaching adapted to target populations;

Organize and conduct competitions to promote good hygiene practices;

Liaise with local authorities and with other agencies in the area to plan and coordinate existing and new programs;

Ensure effective integration and mainstreaming of gender into all programs.

Training of Trainers will include exploration of modules on public health and Hygiene relating to topics covered in the awareness programs and activities on the field

Participatory approach apply and dynamic role play will be applied during training sessions.

Develop interactive and detailed training session and all accompanying background material for the delivery of training workshops related to public health and hygiene promotions

Develop and validate the curricula (including the topics for each module identified) for the training on service excellence and hygiene of household members

Develop the contents for a range of training materials including trainer manual promotors  guide

Develop training workshop report with recommendations for further learning activities

Ensure cross-program integration learning sharing and adoption of best practices for other ACTED programs;

Mobilize community to implement of the projects according to the approved timetable plan.

In coordination with the selected village beneficiaries communities/committees design the related training and capacity building program.

Skills development of the Hygiene promoters/village group/WSC (Water sanitation committee)/WPC (Water point caretaker) group through development and implementation of training and mentoring.

Provide capacity trainings and maintenance of the committees and communities including ACTED staffs.

Ensure the WASH-latrine-sanitation-waste water/garbage management and hygiene practice in the project is implemented in line with donor proposals and requirements and in accordance with country and international standards Liaise with target community/ beneficiaries and technical team to complete holistic project

Mobilize target communities and local authorities for establish the necessary committee and reporting mechanisms required and ensure the participation of the local communities in the regular supervision of the works within the group/themselves.

Monitor the progress of the work and immediately share to line manager and the area coordinator in case of any complaints from the target communities and in case of major problems delays and/or deviations from agreed plans/standards/proposal;

Coordinate with the team on the field and for the weekly planning of the activities

Responsible for planning training/meeting/visibility’s needs and drafting cost estimation for visibility’s items refreshment trainings and other activities foreseen in the implementation

Design training and conduct awareness raising sessions with community wherever need on equity and gender issues;

Facilitate community hygiene/garbage campaign for project area according to the project requirement

Handing over/ the final Hygiene training awareness report for each target villagers and filling documents;

Problem solving activities related to a defined area such as a limited geographical area or limited programme sectional area using professional or technical knowledge

To keep the community leaders and beneficiaries informed of the dates of distribution and of their correct entitlements related to Hygiene activities.

To be present during the deliveries of relief items at the distribution point and to ensure that the correct items are handed over to the community leaders and that the appropriate documentation is correctly signed by them.

To be present during the distributions to monitor their progress and to deal with any problems.

To prepare reports for the Distribution and work with hygiene promoters after each distribution.

Make sure compliance and transparency mechanism along with AMEU department

Prepare the weekly plan himself belongs to the field team and share to Line manager. 

Prepare weekly reports to the Line manager with detailing progress and challenges;

Any other assignment as may be required by the Line manager.


Program related  functional support with FLATS


Program side inputs to assist wherever need

Maintain and update program files in the field office related to public health and hygiene

Review and confirm all distribution/attendance /completion of the works as line manager guidance/ finance procedures.




Adhere to HAP standards as set by ACTED

Ensuring that gender equivalence/equity policy is implemented at all program levels and in all aspects of the programme activities.

Devising a lobbying and communications strategy for those areas where it is necessary to influence other parties locally nationally and internationally and to advise the line manager and Country Representative.

Any other task as assigned by the line manager.

Represent ACTED in the sector working groups and interagency planning workshops at regional level

Ensure good communication with beneficiaries local partners and local authorities at the field level Represent ACTED at relevant coordination meetings under the request of the Coordination

طریقه ارسال درخواستی

I.Submission of application:

Please indicate the position title (Hygiene Trainer) and area (Kunduz) and vacancy number (KZ-005/240419) you are applying in subject of the email Otherwise your application will not be considered.

Applications in English should include a resume a cover letter and three references (No certificates attached) and be submitted no later than 04-May-2019 to the following address:

Turabaz khan Square Qudart Center Shahr-e-Naw Kabul– Afghanistan

ایمیل: [email protected] & [email protected]