Legal Expert

شناسه پست:AAEDC - 02
عنوان: Legal Expert
دسته بندی:legal
تاریخ ختم: 2019-04-28-(2 هفته مانده)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:As per AAEDC Salary Scale
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: Afghanistan Airfields Economic Development Commission (AAEDC) | درباره Afghanistan Airfields Economic Development Commission (AAEDC)
شهر: کابل
کشور: AF


تحصیلات:A Bachelor’s Degree in Law Political Science and Sharia is required
تجربه کاری:A minimum of 5 of overall work experience o سال


A Bachelor’s Degree in Law Political Science and Sharia is required and additional degree in Contract Management and Supply Chain Management is a surplus. A Master’s Degree in stated fields is preferable.


General: The incumbent will work effectively under supervision of Plan and Policy Analysis Department the Executive Director and will report to the Plan and Policy Analysis Department. The responsibilities of Legal Expert include but are not limited to:

To conduct legal analysis and research on various legal matters related to Special Economic Zone considering the Constitution of Afghanistan.

To provide advice on different legal issues and assist in drafting legal opinions memoranda and other briefing documents.

To be actively involved in preparing and drafting of different acts and legal submissions and draft the authoritative legal opinions as well.

To conduct legal research by utilizing various resources and selecting the relevant material to analyze the legal information.

To assist in reviewing the legal material and any other relevant documents and to identify the most important issues that need to be sorted out on a priority basis.

To monitor the implementation of the legal clauses

Legal expert should also document and prepare comprehensive reports on his/her assigned tasks.

Any other roles and responsibilities as may be reasonably requested by the Plan and Policy Department Head or Executive Director.

Facilitate and oversee the entire procurement and contract management process of AAEDC (projects) considering Afghan government procurement law.

Develop manage and retain a motivated team of procurement and contract officers.

Provide procurement and contract management advisory support services to AAEDC senior management.

Sound knowledge and understanding of World Bank ADB USAID procurement guidelines and procedures.

Develop and implement procurement procedures and policies for AAEDC consistent with Afghan Government procurement law.

Collaboratively work with external consultants independent monitoring agent and AAEDC technical team to improve and enhance procurements and contract management that support the objectives of AAEDC.

Sound knowledge and understanding of the Government’s administrative systems as well as the Government’s clearance and approval procedures applicable to procurement.

Ensure that project implementation is in compliance with the contract signed with the Implementing Contractors (ICs).

Liaise with the client ministries and AAEDC technical teams on all matters relating to procurement  contract management and implementation of AAEDC.

Manage train mentor and retain the procurement team members so that all procurement and contract related activities take place smoothly and in line with AAEDC policies and procedures.

Act as a communication focal point with NPA contractors and suppliers and ensure timely attention is given to their need and queries.

Manage knowledge which include but is not limited to: maintaining proper filling system for all contracts (electronic and physical)  recording lessons learned during management of contracts identifying recording and managing risks related to implementation.

Meet with contractors and suppliers to resolve potential issues and ensure that sufficient support is given to the contractors and suppliers to achieve their agreed deliverables and milestones.

Adhere to all AAEDC policies.

Have overall Contract management responsibilities of all AAEDC.

Perform other activities related to procurement or contract management support that is assigned by the Executive Director or head of Plan and policy analysis department.


طریقه ارسال درخواستی

All qualified applicants are hereby requested to send their updated CV and Cover Letter to the following submission email. 

ایمیل: [email protected]