Manager Regional Sales

شناسه پست:02
عنوان: Manager Regional Sales
دسته بندی:Sales & Marketing
تاریخ ختم:2018-11-29-(5 ماه پیش)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:Based on Salary Scale
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما:Roshan |درباره Roshan


تحصیلات:University degree in Business Management.
تجربه کاری: Any combination equivalent to experience and edu سال


§  Minimum to graduation from high school and relevant universities 

§  Language knowledge of excellent speaking understanding writing and reading of

§  (English Dari & Pashto)


§  Any combination equivalent to experience and education that could likely provide the required knowledge and abilities would be qualifying

Basic business arithmetic

Sales Skills experience for at least 3 years.


§  Ability to manage a team of 30 – 50 people in order to manage the regional business

§  Reporting analysis and planning skills

§  Communication and motivation skills

§  Presentation skills and meeting arrangement skills

§  Willingness to travel in rural areas



§  Ms office (package)


·        Regional Sales Manager is obliged to follow the rules and regulations of the organization based on contract that he/she has signed with Roshan Company.

·        RSM is responsible for entire sales activities of Consumer sales staff at regional level.

·        Implementing the daily weekly and monthly plans in the region as per budgeted plans and directions provided by Sales channel managers / heads & Consumer Sales director.

·        To achieve the goals & objectives of the organization based on given budgeted targets and Business plans.

·        Overall supervision from sales activities of sales staff (direct and indirect sales forces).

·        Daily follow up with regional sales staff is responsible for sales and management of distributors retailers kiosk & PCO operators and flagship stores.

·        Utilization of the regional sales forces for the purpose of better results.

·        Sales staff performance should be in the direction of efficiency and effectiveness.

·        Monitoring performances of regional distributors & Kiosk operators based on agreements are signed in between Roshan and dedicated distributor & kiosk operator.

·        To ensure the availability of Roshan products and merchandizing materials at regional pints of sales.

·        Implementation geographical territories assigned for authorized distributor & Roshan sales force.

·        Developing a mutually beneficial relationship among Roshan authorized distributors active retailers kiosks and PCO of Roshan.

·        Implementing the capacity building development programs for Sales forces (direct & indirect) to increase they have enough knowledge about Roshan business products services and social programs as well as improving of their skills for growth of Roshan businesses at regional market.

·        Increasing the awareness of Roshan trade promotions consumer promotions and incentive programs to sales forces (direct & indirect) at regional level.

·        Report about competitors’ activities products promotions and their future plans to the supervisors and relevant departments in a timely manner.

·        Collecting the accurate information form the market analyzing the data and sending the information to consumer Sales heads and relevant departments.

·        Ensuring that customer care centers’ (CCC) activities and their performances are as per company standards.

·        Selection of the right CC location at the right place of the province / region.

·        Ensuring the collection of minimum 99.5% CRI forms of activated Sims for one month.

·        Having essential number of Roshan points of sales (active retailers kiosks and PCO) in each province (number of provincial outlets should be based given capillarity plan to insure the suitable accessibility and availability of Roshan at the market).

RSM supports all Roshan businesses within the region.

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