شناسه پست:LCDE-06
عنوان: Nurse
دسته بندی:صحی و طبی
مدت:One Year
تاریخ ختم: 2021-04-15-(6 روز مانده)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:20000-25000 AFN
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: La Chaîne de lEspoir | درباره La Chaîne de lEspoir
شهر: کابل
کشور: AF


تجربه کاری:2 سال

Technical skills :

Assess clinical situations based on doctors’ recommendations and medical exams results

Check vital signs and make appropriate decisions as needed

Follow a treatment plan and give orientations to the beneficiaries accordingly

Capacity to write clear concise and accurate night shift reports

General skills:

Rigor flexibility adaptation

Excellent communication and interpersonnal skills

Team player

Capacity to work with vulnerable population

IT skills (office package)

Dari and Pashto required English skills desired


At least 1 year as a Nurse in the public or private sector preferably in pediatrics

Experience with an international NGO is an asset


Degree in Nurse from a recognized university.


General objective: Contribute to support the beneficiaries of the project in their healthcare path.


Responsibility 1: Participate in the medical treatment follow-up of the beneficiaries.

Activities 1.1: Accompany the beneficiaries to the FMIC for each step of their treatment (OPD and IPD). Liaise with FMIC relevant doctors and take record of their diagnostic indications and recommendations. Report the latter to the Head Nurse and give clear explanation to the beneficiaries while respecting their privacy and confidentiality principle.

Activities 1.2: Conduct inpatient visits every afternoon and give feedback to the Head Nurse. Raise any issue immediately (e.g. critical conditions decease ICU admission need). Accompany the discharge from the inpatient wards.

Activities 1.3: Collect outpatient medical exam results (laboratory X-ray…) and medicine from the pharmacy as per the prescriptions.

Activities 1.4: Provide specific follow-up on cases based on the assigned pathology (e.g. cardiac focal point). Maximize technical knowledge make research and share relevant information to the other Nurses to improve the general team technical knowledge. Attend meetings and training as per the assignment.


Responsibility 2: Ensure high accuracy in the data management and administrative steps.

Activities 2.1: Register the new beneficiaries from the FMIC receptionists and report accurate data records. Collect any necessary documentation (e.g. discharge form death certificate).

Activities 2.2: Fill and update the hard files accordingly on a daily basis. Write clear and relevant night shift reports. Archive the completed treatment files properly.

Activities 2.3: Fill and update the soft databases on a daily basis.

Activities 2.4: Participate in the morning reports give handover to the day shift/night shift colleagues and prepare the activities-related lists (consultations admissions…).

Responsibility 3: Contribute to the wellbeing of the beneficiaries during their stay at the WCH.

Activities 3.1: Provide active listening and basic PSS to the children and adults. Reassure them as necessary when they face stressful situations (e.g. explain the risks of a surgery in a soothing way and adapt the speech to children so as they understand their treatment process).

Activities 3.2: Meet the beneficiaries’ needs during the night and pay specific attention to the wellbeing and safety of the girls and women as per CDE Protection policies.

Activities 3.3: Liaise with the Social Care Facilitators and supervisors whenever a beneficiary needs specific psychological attention.

Activities 3.4: Provide the beneficiaries with supplies as necessary (blankets extra pampers towel…). Guide them to their bedroom at night and gather them for the meals. Pay specific attention to their nutrition allergies etc.

Activities 3.5: Maintain high standards of hygiene keep records of the Nurse room equipment and raise any missing material to the Head Nurse.

The responsibilities and activities of the Nurse as described above are not exhaustive and might progress according to the project needs.

طریقه ارسال درخواستی

The CV and covering letter must be sent in English only to the following address: [email protected]
Please indicate "CDE Nurse recruitment" in the subject line of the email.

ایمیل: [email protected]