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Basic Information

Vacancy Number: CRD0056/21
Title: Operations Director
Category: Management
Duration: Till end of December 2021
Exp.: 2021-03-17
Jobs no: 1
Salary: NTA Salary Scale Grade A
Gender: Male/Female


Organization: Cordaid
Location: Kabul, AF


Work Experience: Master’s degree in project management business/pu Years

Education/Experience/Language requirements

  • Master’s degree in project management business/public administration social sciences or other subject related to support services.
  • At least 7 years of experience that combines strategic and managerial leadership in finance human resources and procurement in an international organization.
  • Experience in managing finance human resources and procurement in NGOs or other humanitarian development and/or peacebuilding organization in insecure areas.
  • Excellent management skills including human resources and financial management communications and intercultural cooperation skills
  • A networker diplomatic and results oriented with the ability to work under stressful and time bound project conditions.
  • Flexible and capable of working in a stressful context with experience in Afghanistan counted as an asset.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English language.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in Dari and Pashtun language is an asset.


  • Ability to lead and manage a diverse group of colleagues to achieve results in a responsible and collaborative manner through clear direction supervision and modelling behaviour.
  • Ability to clearly and convincingly communicate ideas and concepts in writing and orally.
  • Ability to go beyond established procedures and models and to introduce new approaches and strategic innovations.
  • Ability to establish and maintain broad strategic networks and partnerships with NGOs International Organizations and other partners to promote partnerships and build alliances to advance organizational interests and competencies.


Core Competencies:

  • Excellent interpersonal co-ordination and negotiation skills and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with people in a multi-cultural multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.
  • Strong commitment to integrity professionalism creativity and innovation learning accountability planning and organization results orientation teamwork and technological solutions.

Functional Competencies

Knowledge Management and Learning

  • Promotes knowledge management in Cordaid and a learning environment in the office through leadership and personal example.
  • Actively works towards continuing personal learning and development acts on learning plan and applies newly acquired skills

Development and Operational Effectiveness

  • Ability to lead strategic planning results-based management and reporting.
  • Solid knowledge in project management (from design to implementation to closure incl. evaluation).
  • Ability to lead business processes re-engineering implementation of new systems (business side) and affect staff behavioural/ attitudinal change.

Management and Leadership

  • Builds strong relationships with clients focuses on impact and result for the client and responds positively to feedback.
  • Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive constructive attitude.
  • Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities.
  • Leads teams effectively and shows mentoring as well as conflict resolution skills.

Duties & Responsibilities

Background Information - Job-specific

The Operations Director will lead the Operations Department and ensure the development of effective integrated and centralised operations for all Cordaid programmes and projects in Afghanistan. This Department includes the following four support services units: finance HR procurement and admin/ICT/logistics. S/he is responsible and accountable for the properties and assets entrusted to the Country Office.

Functional Responsibilities

Under the overall direction of the Country Director for Afghanistan the Operations Director will lead Cordaid’s Country Office Finance Human Resources Procurement & Supply Chain and Administration/Logistics/ICT teams in providing effective and timely support to personnel and teams in the Directorate and Programme Department. S/he will closely work with the Programmes Director to ensure efficient and effective support to project and programme design implementation and closure while maintaining strong internal controls. S/he will also closely monitor and facilitate the evaluation of results and impacts in close coordination with the Planning Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning (PMEAL) team to facilitate shared programme learning. The Operations Director will liaise closely with Line Departments at the Global Office based in The Hague Netherlands.

Provide Operations Leadership and Oversight

  • Support the Country Director in preparing Country Strategies Policies and Annual Plan & Budgets that will make a positive difference to the lives of people families and communities paying special attention to ensuring balanced budgets facilitating a strong and motivated workforce and overseeing highest levels of integrity in procurement and contracting.
  • Lead the establishment and growth of competent effective and efficient Finance Human Resources Procurement & Supply Chain and Administration/Logistics/ICT teams including the development roll-out and update of policies procedures and systems.
  • Ensure effective oversight of Operations Personnel placed in (Regional) Field Offices.
  • Ensure effective oversight of Operations conducted by Local Partners.
  • Provide technical advice and operational guidance on innovative approaches to project financing risk assessment/mitigation and use of financing structures mechanisms instruments and guarantees.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to identify the need determine cost and plan all Operations Department services including finance human resources procurement and administrative/logistics/ICT services.
  • Assist the Country Director in setting goals targets and performance standards for projects and recommend tools for monitoring evaluation and auditing
  • Monitor and supervise all aspects of operations to ensure compliance with corporate strategies Cordaid rules regulations policies and standards of accountability ethics and integrity and achievement of results.
  • Monitor operations to ensure optimum client service and satisfaction including liaising with appropriate Global Office Line Departments for required support.
  • Maintain effective coordination with the Programmes Director ensuring effective and timely delivery of activities within scope time and budget leading to concrete results outcomes and impact on the ground.
  • Maintain effective coordination with the PMEAL Director to ensure timely and correct measurement of results outcomes and impacts and to facilitate learning towards continuous improvements in the design and delivery of projects and programmes.
  • Act as focal point for any internal/external audit exercise
  • At the request of the Country Director participate in any NGO or other forum discussions and planning to ensure Cordaid position interests and priorities are fully considered.

Manage Operations Personnel and Teams in the Country Office and in (Regional) Field Offices

  • Mentor assist and oversee Operations Managers in the management of their Personnel and Teams in the Country Office and in (Regional) Field Offices.

                   1. Ensure that the Finance Manager and his/her team pro-actively interacts with budget holders in preparing budgets planning expenditures and cash flows monitoring reporting budget revisions no cost extensions etc. in compliance with Cordaid and Client Rules and Regulations.
                    2. Ensure that the Human Resources Manager and his/her team pro-actively supports the selection recruitment management and separation of personnel including active involvement in their professional growth and career development.
Ensure that the Procurement and Supply Chain Manager and his/her team maintains highest levels of integrity in procuring supplies services and works from specifications to the issuance of purchase orders and contracts.
                  3. Ensure that the Administration/Logistics/ICT Manager and his/her team pro-actively supports the running of all Offices including transportation facilities management ICT hardware and software data management etc.
                   4. Coordinate with the National Security Advisor in           facilitating ongoing operations while maintaining duty of care of local staff expat staff and visitors.

  • Review and monitor agreements and contracts with clients partners and service providers in compliance with Cordaid’s rules and regulations and ensure timely payments in accordance with contractual terms and conditions.

Manage Programme Resources

  • Plan and propose to the Country Director required project and programme resources (human and financial) and advise pricing strategies to diversify the client portfolio while maintaining full cost recovery in close coordination with the Programmes Director.
  • Manage resources in accordance with Cordaid standards of ethics integrity and financial sustainability.
  • Plan recruit manage and develop personnel/technical experts with the skills and competencies needed to ensure optimum performance and encouraging the formation of diverse teams in terms of gender and other diversity indicators.
  • Promote teamwork collaboration and diversity by providing operations teams with clear directions objectives and guidance to enable them to perform their duties responsibly effectively and efficiently.
  • Foster a positive work environment respectful of both women and men and ensure that the highest standards of conduct are observed.
  • Plan conduct and/or respond to Cordaid performance evaluation reviews and surveys.

Support Project Planning and Coordination Support

  • Provide assistance and support to programme and project budget preparation revisions and work planning.
  • Provide input into project engagement and acceptance documents including assisting with contract negotiations.
  • Monitor project financial projections take necessary action(s) and/or refer critical issues to the Country Director Programmes Director and/or other stakeholders for action.
  • Provide advice on programme and project cost sharing deployment of funds and closure.
  • Constantly monitor and analyse the operating environment to identify potential risks and take action/refer critical issues for intervention to ensure delivery of results.
  • Closely liaise with (Regional) Field Offices in troubleshooting any issues that might cause interruption in the management of operations.

Manage Finances

  • Prepare the Country Office financial plan and manage the budget process/cycle to ensure timely revisions and reallocation of funds.
  • Oversee the Finance Team and ensure compliance with Cordaid’s Financial Rules & Regulations and Finance procedures
  • Monitor track and control expenditure to ensure optimum and appropriate use of resources.
  • Ensure the availability of required financial reports and exception reports including investigating anomalies to resolve problems reporting or recommending any action required to relevant stakeholders.
  • Supervise the timely review posting and closure of accounts. Certify accuracy and compliance with standards of accountability framework. Submit/prepare mandated report on financial status.
  • Supervise all financial services (accounting cash management payments etc.) ensuring timeliness and compliance with standards of accountability and performance.
  • Monitor the Management Budget expenditures for the Country Office and ensure that direct cost is properly recovered billed and spent in accordance with the applicable procedures.

Manage Human Resources

  • Plan personnel required for Country Office programmes/projects.
  • Oversee all human resource services/processes including recruitment salary administration and compensation performance review training and development ensuring compliance with human resource rules regulations procedures and standards of performance and ensuring that hiring managers actively seek to create diverse teams in terms of gender and geography.
  • Promote and support a learning culture by empowering individuals and teams to identify critical learning needs and plan/provide easy access to learning opportunities to maintain personnel competency and flexibility.
  • Foster a positive work environment respectful of both men and women and ensure that the highest standards of conduct are observed.
  • Exercise control of all staffing issues within the Country Office as required by the projects’ demands including recruitment training personnel performance review.

Manage Procurement and Supply Chain

  • Oversee and supervise the Country Office procurement processes including tendering processes and evaluation and supplier selection to ensure viable procurement solutions that meet operational needs and compliance with Cordaid procurement procedures regulations and standard of accountability ethics integrity and performance.
  • Evaluate contractual arrangements and legal commitments/risks for appropriate action.
  • Oversee the efficiency and integrity of the procurement evaluation process to ensure cost-effective procurement of goods and services.
  • In consultation with relevant colleagues review administer and issue contracts agreements/amendments with the different vendors/sub-contractors/service provider.
  • Oversee the logistics of goods and equipment on project sites to confirm delivery and safe warehousing.
  • Evaluate list update and monitor the performance of the roster of service providers of suitable firms or institutions.

Manage Administration Logistics and ICT

  • In close collaboration with the Global Office support maintenance of a secure and reliable ICT environment including adequate plans for disaster recovery.
  • Manage the acquisition maintenance inventory recording verification and protection of project and administrative facilities/assets including ICT infrastructure equipment and servers.
  • Identify opportunities for leveraging the use of ICT to enhance business operations and efficiency and to facilitate knowledge management and information sharing.
  • Manage the timely and efficient delivery of all administrative services (e.g. premises asset management organizational and personnel security travel and ICT).
  • Manage visa permit and travel and other logistics for personnel and visitors.

Oversee Security in the Field

  • Work closely with the National Security Advisor in ensuring that security policies procedures practices and capacities support operations in the field  taking into account the need to deliver quality services to people families and communities while facilitating “Duty of Care” for Cordaid staff.

Contribute to Knowledge Management and Innovation

  • Contribute to the development and introduction of innovation to ensure Cordaid is continually incorporating best practice approaches in Country Office operations.
  • Contribute to the dissemination and sharing of best practices and lessons learned for corporate development planning and knowledge building and contribute to relevant Communities of Experts and Communities of Practice accordingly.
  • At the request of the Country Director and in collaboration with the Programmes Director plan implement and organize strategic capacity building of project personnel clients and stakeholders.

Undertake other duties as may be assigned by the Country Director

The successful delivery of results by the Operations Director directly impacts the performance of programmes and projects implemented by Cordaid as well as its reputation as an effective partner in achieving positive results that lead to flourishing communities in fragile settings.

Submission Guideline

Please submit your CV and cover letter (in one pdf file) with the position name and vacancy number in your email subject or otherwise your email will be rejected from system.

Please note that applications received after the closing date and without Subject line will not be given consideration. Only shortlisted candidates whose application meets the above criteria will be contacted for test/interview.

Note: Only application send to below address will be considered. Applications send to any other address even within the organization cannot be considered.

Female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

Email: Jobs.Afghanistan@cordaid.org