Planning/Reporting & Monitoring Engineer

شناسه پست:VA - AFG/THRCP/NRA/MOT 148/2020
عنوان: Planning/Reporting & Monitoring Engineer
دسته بندی:Construction
مدت:1 year - Extendable
تاریخ ختم: 2020-01-29-(2 هفته مانده)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:As per THRCP/NRA (NTA Grade: C) salary scale per m
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: THRCP/National Roads Authority-Ministry of Transport/ NRA/MOT | درباره THRCP/National Roads Authority-Ministry of Transport/ NRA/MOT
شهر: کابل
کشور: AF


تحصیلات:• Bachelor Degree Civil Engineering is required. • Master Degree in road design and or construction
تجربه کاری:• At least 5 ’ Experience in planning and Sch سال

Specific responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to:

Ensure a reporting schedule is established regularly updated monitored and compliance ensured for all projects under the CSU Supervision.

Assist CSU Team leader DTL and REs in planning/Scheduling CSU activities.

 Assist CSU Team leader DTL and REs in planning/Scheduling project activities (Road).

Assist CSU in reviewing contractors’ work programs/Construction Schedules and providing review comments. Assist the CSU TL/DTL in discussing project programs/schedules with relevant contractors for improvement practicality and achievability.

Support CSU in meeting internal and external reporting requirements (daily monthly quarterly annual ad hoc other) through drafting and/or editing relevant narratives and providing relevant analysis of projects/program/operational data to ensure timely and quality development and submission/distribution of reports to internal and external stakeholders

Be prepared to provide communications and administrative support to projects in preparation of formal CSU internal and Project meetings including helping project personnel in the production of effective PowerPoint presentations as requested.  

Assist the visiting engineers to the project sites in developing and editing site visit reports.

Assist the administrative officer by Facilitating in development of information flow and file maintenance procedures to achieve maximum clarity and efficient access to information and records.

Assist the CSU TL/DTL in the coordination of information and plans up to the Ministry senior management the bank and downwards to the project levels and with the PMT and other relevant organizations and government agencies.

In close collaboration with internal stakeholders ensure effective follow up on project logical frameworks (or equivalent information thereof) and make sure these are used as the basis for achieving project objectives and effective reporting to clients and donors.

In coordination with internal stakeholders provide analytical and administrative support in identifying business and other growth opportunities by contributing to building effective relationships with MoT relevant departments and donors on a continuous basis attending meetings drafting minutes and reporting the outcomes and future plans with the CSU Team Leader and or DTL.

Assist project and relevant programmatic personnel in drafting communication strategies and plans

Coordinate with the communications and Media officer of Mot and relevant internal stakeholders to assure proper visibility of projects in the media through print and electronic publications videos and other means of communications to enhance project’s public profile and effectively communicate project achievements

For projects’ closure purposes work in close coordination with the project/program personnel to ensure comprehensive reporting is completed throughout the project closeout processes.

Identify and anticipate in a timely manner any potential issues which may impact adversely unit or organization’s reputation as a service provider of choice and alert relevant personnel to ensure mitigation

Contribute to stakeholder mapping and analysis and to the development and maintenance of stakeholder profiles for all project engagements in close coordination with project managers and programmatic personnel ensuring synergies and alignment

Contribute to the program’s lessons log on the matters of reporting communication and stakeholder engagement.

Develop trackers for claims submissions reports NCRs and major communications with the Ministry Contractor WB and other stakeholders.

Be prepared to provide relevant drafting reporting communications planning presentation development or other relevant training to project personnel

In collaboration with programmatic personnel contribute to the development of management information systems project problem tree analysis tracking related benefits and indicators

Conduct project site visits as needed and or advised by the CSU Team Leader and or DTL.

Complete any other THRCP planning or reporting related tasks assigned by the CSU Team Leader or the DTL.

Training and Capacity Building

Develop basic training materials to raise awareness amongst members of other work units regarding the reporting requirements of the program reporting MIS guidelines and procedures

Whenever required or requested by the MoT Senior management and or CSU Team Leader /DTL; Mentor and build the capacity of MoT Civil Servant Counterparts providing guidance technical advice and on-the-job training.

3. Monitoring and Progress Controls

Development of reporting system and reporting schedule for CSU and PMT units.

Development of standard document management system for CSU.

Development of high quality technical and usable reporting formats to adhere to MSA reporting requirements.

Production of high quality and accurate reporting according to donor requirements.

Relevant reports and documents are archived in accordance with the document management system.

Support and assist the CSU Team Leader and DTL in regular progress meetings with the Ministry WB and other organizations.

4. Final Product

Development of a standard reporting system and reporting templates

Development of a standard communication system and communication protocol with the Contractors.

Development of work Program for CSU to cover the whole life of the B2B THRCP.

Development of a work program for all B2B projects.

Implementation and adherence of the reporting system that is in full compliance with THRCP reporting requirements.

Establishment of a standard filing and document control system for CSU.

The main planning person to Support CSU

Qualifications and Experience

a. Education

Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering is required. 

A masters Degree in road design and or construction management will be given an advantage.

b. Work Experience

At least 5 years’ Experience in planning and Scheduling for Construction Projects.

At least 3 years of experience in Road construction projects.

At least 3 years of Project management Reporting and Monitoring experience in construction Projects

Experience in report writing letter and memorandum writing developing forms charts and planning schedules.

Experience in managing communications travel planning and managing meetings/ conferences.

Experience in drafting meeting minutes and timely communicating to project stakeholders

Experience in using Word Excel PowerPoint Primavera and MS Office

Experience to work with Auto Cad and Civil 3D are considered an advantage.

c. Key Competencies

Capable of working with.

Proven organizational negotiation and problem-solving skills

Be a good mentor capable of working with others in a participatory and capacity building manner.

Knowledge of MS Office including MS Word Excel Visio and other administrative programs/software.

Good working knowledge of English both verbal and written fluent in Dari and or Pashto.

Be able and willing to travel to project sites including insecure and volatile areas for the field verification documents records and filing systems.

Ability to produce high-quality presentations and communication skills

A good team player with the ability to work late hours in a very challenging environment.


Purpose and Scope of Assignment

Under the overall guidance and supervision of the CSU Team leader/DTL The Planning/Reporting and M & E engineer shall be responsible to assist the CSU Team Leader/DTL in planning reporting and M&E of the progress and performance of the project. The Planning engineers shall also be responsible to develop CSU work program/Schedule drafting reports and coordinating with other units and ministry senior management and the World Bank.

طریقه ارسال درخواستی

Qualified candidates may submit their application including a letter of interest complete Curriculum Vitae via Email Address: [email protected] Kindly indicate the vacancy number (VA – AFG/THRCP - NRA/MOT 148/2020) and the post title (Planning/Monitoring & Reporting Officer) in the subject line when applying by email.

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