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Basic Information

Vacancy Number: R1122
Title: Provincial Security Officer
Category: Security
Duration: 1 Year Extendable
Exp.: 2021-07-06
Jobs no: 1
Salary: As per NTA Salary Scale
Gender: Male/Female


Organization: (MSH) Management Sciences for Health
Location: Parwan, AF


Work Experience: 8 of relevant work experience Years

REQUIRED MINIMUM EDUCATION:                                              Bachelor’s degree in related fields (Social Science or Security field)



Minimum of 8 years’ experience in security experience.
Experience working in an environment similar or closely related to MSH type of work.
Security experience in a potential conflict environment.
Willing to frequently travel to all provinces in the country.



Knowledge on workplace violence awareness and prevention programs.
Knowledge on network access and monitoring policies.
Knowledge on local state and federal law enforcement and other related government agencies.
Knowledge on managing and recruitment of the senior guards and guard supervisors.


Good ethical conduct
Applicants need to be medically fit
No criminal record
Excellent inter-personal communication skills.
Well-organized and detail-oriented.
Security management

Duties & Responsibilities

The objective of the Provincial Security Officer position will be to provide security services to MSH staff and property in Afghanistan

Assiste senior security officer and security advisor in day-to-day activities.
Under the supervision and guidance of the senior security officer the (SO) will take part in senior guards and guard supervisor interview and selection and he/she will report to the (SSO).
Provide security services to both staff and premises of MSH.
Under the general supervision and direction of MSH Security Advisor (MSA) the candidate will assist in the implementation of all appropriate security management procedures related to the safety and security of MSH staff and the protection of MSH assets in the office.
Specifically he/she will assist the MSA in promoting a high level of security awareness throughout the provincial office.
In particular he/she will:
Develop a close working relationship with security contact and a comprehensive working knowledge of MSH Security Procedures in addition to completing the Basic and Advanced Security training. 
Liaise with the Security Focal Points throughout the province on security related issues.
-Implement and conduct training programs for guards and drivers – maintain level of readiness for guards and drivers.
Assist in the conduct of security assessments/evaluations offering appropriate mitigation recommendations and take an active role in the development and implementation of evacuation/emergency security plans in coordination with the MSH (SSO/MSA).
Ensure all relevant security information is disseminated on a timely manner to the appropriate MSH staff members working in the neighboring provinces.
Ensure that all security administration (travel clearances staff lists etc.) is processed in a thorough and timely manner and archived for future access if required.
Ensure that all MSH Offices are fully secure compliant.
Ensure that all security guards and guard supervisors are performing their duties.
Ensure that both Patrol Supervisors are performing their duties on timely manner.         
Maintain Liaison with the National Directorate Security (NDS) and Afghan National Police (ANP) and assist in case of emergency and confirmation of security reports National Staff Security Training.
Maintain contact with local elders in villages due to MSH program and staff safety.
Training of provincial staff in overall security related awareness.
Monitoring of all security guards (internal and external).
Monitoring of Sub-Offices in neighboring provinces for security threats and updates and compliance with security procedures and policies
Any other duty assigned.

Submission Guideline

Interested candidates should apply through the below link and submit an application form for positions they are suitably qualified for.


Please click the employment opportunities tab and select Afghanistan from the list of countries. A list of positions will appear please select those you wish to apply for. Candidates who do not apply through the above-mentioned link will not be considered for the shortlist. Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

Management Sciences for Health is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race color religion sex sexual orientation age national origin citizenship physical or mental handicap. 

Note: Interviews of suitable candidates may begin as applications are received. Please apply early.

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