Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

شناسه پست:VA - AFG/THRCP/NRA/MOT 145/2020
عنوان: Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer
دسته بندی:Construction
مدت:1 year - Extendable
تاریخ ختم: 2020-01-29-(2 هفته مانده)
تعداد نفر:6
معاش:As per THRCP/NRA (NTA Grade: C) salary scale per m
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: THRCP/National Roads Authority-Ministry of Transport/ NRA/MOT | درباره THRCP/National Roads Authority-Ministry of Transport/ NRA/MOT
شهر: بغلان, بامیان
کشور: AF


تحصیلات:• Bachelor Degree in Road/Civil Engineering is required. • Master Degree will be given an advantage.
تجربه کاری:• Minimum 4 of related experience with road سال

Specific responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

The incumbent will support the Resident Engineer in implementing THRCP and shall be responsible for QA requirements for the Construction Supervision of the THRCP/B2B road Salang pass and or any other project/location.

The incumbent shall be responsible for all QA/QC related requirements for the projects.

The incumbent will be responsible for assisting in the development/implementation of QA Plan Designs including the technical specification for roads and structures.

The incumbent will be responsible to assist the Senior QA engineer/CSU for establishing at the outset procedures with time limits for the inspection sampling and testing of the works and all other QA related requirements

The incumbent will be responsible for the quality assessment of works materials procedures/methodologies and workmanship by conducting frequent inspections checks and laboratory tests.

Review the designs Technical Specifications and the QA plans and assist the contractors in the implementation of these documents during construction.

Make sure that correct and “standard test forms” are used in the laboratory for tests.

Prepare QA testing Schedules and procedures.

Work Closely with the CSU site supervision team as a part of the QA team member.

Work with the Contractor QC team closely to plan and coordinate QC/QA activities procedures and processes required for maintaining the quality and organizing QA/QC schedules.

Review quality control plans and take systematic actions necessary for the Project.

Carry out the necessary supervision required for fieldwork emphasis on the adherence to the QA plan TS and design of road activities

Be responsible to regularly check/inspect Crush plans mixers lab equipment and other machinery including the Asphalt Plant at the site for sound operation status during construction work;

Inspecting/testing materials sources and scheduling of test requirements and evaluation of test results.

Inspect the contractor’s QCP Organization Chart; identifying and evaluating all personnel responsible for quality control.

Conduct initial Survey Queries on sources of materials for various activities on the road (backfilling embankment structures and all layers of the road) to ensure quality and quantity are of economic value to the project.

Carry out testing on all types of construction materials aggregates cement bitumen reinforcement etc.

Keep proper records and filing of all QA/QC related activities for the project.

Inform Resident Engineer and Contractor QC and PM of any material or equipment that fails to meet the necessary requirements

 Advice on the preparation of Submittal procedures and documents review submittals product data sheets and provide comments and recommendations for approval/disapproval to the CSU TL.

Lead preparatory meetings agenda for Definable futures of work.

 Inspect Contractor initial meeting for Definable future of work 

Inspect samples and work item mockups

Inspect field activities for QA purposes

Develop deficiency trackers and keep record and follow up with the contractors to correct and close the deficiencies  

 Review and certify corrective action for the deficiencies

Develop standard inspection forms/checklists and procedures for various types of activities and keep all inspection records including instructions given to the Contractors during the inspections.

Attend all project-related progress and technical meetings and lead the QA-QC coordination meetings.

Be responsible for all industry standards codes and manufacture guidelines for each specific area of construction where responsibility is assigned especially the quality and workmanship.

Be responsible for documentation and records of all field inspections and corresponding follow up reports

Provide evidence to THRCP that inspections meet contract requirements and pass all code and TS requirements.

Ensure that product or equipment installations meet the manufacturer’s recommended installation procedures

Provide all quality-related necessary documentation and records to the CSU leadership as required.

Maintains a neat and orderly file and administrative office system for document control.

Creating detailed comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test cases and records.

Estimating prioritizing planning and coordinating quality testing activities

Be responsible to conduct all completion inspections – pre-final –punch list closeout and initial acceptance.

Monitor H&S requirements at the site and advise corrective actions to the RE and the contractor.

Report directly the QA/QC and H&S issues to the CSU team leader/DTL.

Review and provide recommendations on various mix designs.

3. Monitoring and Progress Controls

Assist the ineffective management of the QA/QC requirements at the project site and within the THRCP.

Review of procedures with time limits for the inspection sampling and testing of the works and all other QC/QA requirements.

Implementation and monitoring of quality assessment of materials works resources procedures/processes and methodologies proposed and implemented by the contractors to meet quality requirements.

Make sure the effective management and establishment of laboratory facilities by the contractors.

Prepare texting plans and schedules and observe testing conducted by the laboratory to meet the TS requirements.

Inspect regularly the project labs/equipment status/performance and other equipment and machinery for the project.

Produce field and lab testing procedures and Schedules for all tests required by the TS and coordinate with the contractor QC to plan ahead and all tests are conducted on a timely manner.

4. Final Product

Assuring and maintaining the required quality for each activity of the project works to meet the requirements of the TS and relevant standards and codes.

The improved attitude of the contractors and CSU staff to follow the TS Contract codes and standards.

Development of a standard quality Assurance plan and system for THRCP projects.

5. Qualifications and Experience

a. Education

Bachelors Degree in Road/Civil Engineering is required.

Masters Degree will be given an advantage.

Training Certificates on QA/QC for construction works especially for road construction is required.

b. Work Experience

Minimum 4 years of related experience with road and bridge construction work particularly in material testing.

Minimum 2 years progressively responsible experience in QA management Laboratory Testing and a firm understanding of the requirements and specification of testing and materials.

Demonstrated experience in construction using different types of the pavement surfaces.

Demonstrated experience in pre-stressing grouting works and quality control.

Experienced in different classes of concrete mix-design and asphalt under different conditions of construction procedures.

Knowledge and understanding/interpretation of Technical Specifications and design drawings is a must.

c. Key Competencies

Ability to review and re-schedule according to construction methodology as per field condition requirements and in accordance with quality assurance & quality control requirements.

Be a good mentor capable of working with others in a participatory and capacity building manner.

A thorough understanding of the relationship between manuals and field capacities.

The component in mastering technical testing equipment and supply feedback in a detailed report format.

Knowledge of MS Office including MS Word Excel PP and as well as engineering programs/software.

Level 4 working knowledge of English both verbal and written fluent in Dari and Pashto.

Excellent writing skills. Able to write reports letters proposals memorandums and details in English and Dari or Pashto

Competent and results-oriented.

Be able to follow work ethics

Be able to work long hours and under pressure


The Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer works under the overall guidance of the Resident Engineer with technical guidance from the Deputy/Team Leader CSU. The Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer shall report to RE and Deputy/Team Leader CSU.

طریقه ارسال درخواستی

Qualified candidates may submit their application including a letter of interest complete Curriculum Vitae via Email Address: [email protected] Kindly indicate the vacancy number (VA – AFG/THRCP - NRA/MOT 145/2018) and the post title (Quality Assurance Engineer) in the subject line when applying by email.

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