Security Officer

شناسه پست:OSF/OSA-09
عنوان: Security Officer
دسته بندی:Security
مدت:3 months of probationary period followed by annual contract
تاریخ ختم: 2019-12-20-(2 هفته مانده)
تعداد نفر:1
معاش:As Per OSF/OSA Salary Scale/Candidate Experience
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: OSA | درباره OSA
شهر: کابل
کشور: AF


تحصیلات: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science/Military University  Minimum five years relevant experience
تجربه کاری:Minimum 5 experience سال

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following.  OSA may add change or remove essential and other duties at any time:

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

To establish required safety and security procedures and protocols for internal and external use based on OSA’s security policies and new security assessment in consultation with the Country Director

To establish a plan for implementation of the recommendations from the security assessment and take required action accordingly

To establish the crisis management committee based on the guidelines and organize crisis management drills to ensure the committee is well prepared to respond

To conduct provincial security assessment in consultation with logistics department and to develop security protocols for provincial visits

To organize and facilitate security trainings and security briefings regularly for all staff including but not limited to HEAT training.

To advise OSA staff as needed regarding general security-related procedures; plan and conduct periodic emergency drills

To ensure all physical security measures are in place for OSA premises and come up with advices to enhance security measures

To coordinate appropriate situational response for on-site and off-site  security situations.

General Tasks and Supervision of Security Guards:

To supervise four (4) security guards; ensure guards are performing duties according to job descriptions and the posted guard orders and guidelines

To prepare monthly rooster and timetable for security guards on duty and ensure implementation

To ensure that newly appointed guards receive appropriate basic training on proper vehicle mirror searches fire extinguisher use and other security tasks. Provide routine refresher training for all guards.

To conduct regular meetings and briefings with guards to provide updates on security and safety incidents.

To test security equipment and alarm systems on a monthly basis; troubleshoot and liaise with systems providers as necessary to ensure quick resolution of problems.

To monitor security camera displays and verify/clear alarms and access control transactions;

To maintain daily security operations records to include: shift activity log security incident sheets facilities incident sheets and miscellaneous reports.

To provide security briefings/orientations for visitors and new staff.

To update security procedures and tools on a regular basis in accordance with OSA policy including threat assessments standard operating procedures for personnel movements and transportation telecommunications cyber security and data privacy incident reporting as well as physical security and contingency plans.

To ensure contents of emergency first aid kit is kept stocked and up to date; inspect fire extinguishers for proper pressure levels and function; periodically review all security equipment for correct storage and readiness.

To represent OSA at all security related events/programs within the relevant security institutions at the national level (UN INGO INSO etc.); represent OSA at OSF Global Security.

Other Tasks:

To work closely with OSA drivers in the following areas: brief them on security protocols provide required trainings inform and alert them on security and movement incidents keep a live record of their movement

To assist the Country Director as required with dignitary and distinguished persons visits with emphasis on liaison/coordination/access for personal protective security details.

To perform other duties as assigned by the OSA Country Director


Purpose of Position: 

To undertake security management of Open Society Foundations in accordance with OSA’s security policy and assessment and local security protocols.

Work is performed under general supervision. The security officer will directly report to the Country Director and the tasks will be conducted in consultation with the Country Director.

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