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Basic Information

Vacancy Number: COMAC 033
Title: Security Officer
Category: Security
Duration: One Year with Possibility of Extension
Exp.: 2018-03-19
Jobs no: 1
Salary: Based on NTA Salary Scale
Gender: Male/Female


Organization: Conflict Mitigation Assistance for Civilians (COMAC)
Location: Balkh, AF


Work Experience: 5+ ’ experience in an operational management Years

Essential Job Functions:
• Ensure program staff has the required life support and communications equipment required for secure and safe program implementation.
• Implement and submit recommendations to update policies and procedures to ensure the physical protection safety and security of program facilities security programs personnel and inventory equipment in country.
• Ensure effective security operations and proper and efficient use of equipment and vehicles;
• Act as a liaison with local national police local military other government offices international organizations and officials as required in matters pertaining to security.
• Plan directs and oversees implementation of comprehensive security systems for protection of program employees subcontractor employees local national staff visitors and the program facilities.
• Routinely inspect the program facilities in order to determine security needs.
• Inspect or direct the inspection of premises to detect safety/security hazards and to ensure the safety/security rules are posted and enforced.
• Direct and coordinate activities of personnel in reviewing or updating security measures due to changes in the security and threat levels and or new regulations or as directed.
• Report irregularities security threats and security breaches.
• Supervise all investigations into problematic activity and provide on-going communication with senior management.
• Oversee the handling storing safekeeping and destroying of classified documents and materials and for granting all personnel or visitors access to classified material or entry and exit into the facilities and/or restricted areas.
• Prepare budget forecasts for security operational programs.
• Perform regular security awareness training for all employees to ensure consistently high levels of compliance with enterprise security documents.
• Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills & Experience:
• Bachelors degree or equivalent in a security and risk management discipline or related field with 5+ years’ experience in an operational management and/or security role.
• Demonstrated experience working with a complex donor portfolio and large-scale project management roles with 3+ years with USAID funded programs.
• Experience working in areas of constricted NGO movement in conflict and post-conflict environments.
• Strong interpersonal and training skills ability to work in multi-cultural environments
• Proven ability to plan organize lead and communicate in a multi-cultural working environment
• Ability to enlist the cooperation of others and handle difficult situations firmly courteously tactfully and impartially.
• Ability to communicate effectively present facts and recommendations in oral and written form to senior decision makers in the field and at HQ.
• Excellent analytical skills - analyze factual information and exercise sound judgment in arriving at conclusions with a proven ability to make informed decisions based on factual information and in accordance with laws ordinances regulations and established policies.

Preferred Skills & Experience:
• Demonstrated experience in successfully translating business strategy objectives and future-state capabilities into requirements while maintaining traceability between them through deployment and benefits realization.
• Knowledge of Information Security Solutions.
• Ability to be on call due to nature of security and responsibilities.
• Demonstrated ability to solve complex technical IT security problems through appropriate and cost-effective application of current technological components.
• Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification or equivalent risk management certification preferred.

Personal Characteristics:
• Uncompromising ethics integrity and respect for individuals regardless of role or reporting
• An excellent communicator a high-energy self-starter and someone known to be creative;
• Entrepreneurial flexible and results oriented;
• A conflict resolver rather than a conflict creator;
• Mature confident and successful professional with the executive presence to represent the company externally and bring enhanced credibility to the organization;
• A balanced individual capable of forging productive working relationships with a broad range of personality types and styles;
• Positive working attitude.

Duties & Responsibilities

Blumont is seeking candidates for position of Security Officer to provide oversight and management of the safety and security for the program implementation and supports staff to maintain integrated and cooperative support of operations as well as provides Security and Risk Management support to all program offices and satellite offices and program security staff designing internal and contracted protection systems and services.

Submission Guideline

Interested Afghan National Candidates should submit their applications via e-mail indicating on the SUBJECT line the title Location and vacancy number of the position applied for to kfzfieldhr@blumont.org
Please note that applications received after the closing date will not be given consideration. Only short-listed candidates whose applications respond to the above criteria will be contacted for interview.

Email: kfzfieldhr@blumont.org