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Basic Information

Vacancy Number: 127
Title: Senior Expert for the Persons with Disabilities Rights Unit
Category: Program
Duration: Annualy
Exp.: 2021-07-08
Jobs no: 1
Salary: according to Commission law
Gender: Male/Female


Organization: AIHRC
Location: Kabul, AF


Work Experience: Possessing a masters degree in law or one of the Years


  • Education and working background of the Senior Expert of Persons with Disabilities Rights Unit:
  • Possessing a masters degree in law or one of the humanities or related science as well as three years of work experience in the field of disability;
  • Having a bachelors degree in law or one of the humanities or related sciences with five years of relevant work experience.  
  • At the same time at least three years of work experience in management and leadership.
  • Skills in reading and writing in two official languages ​​(Persian and Pashto).
  • Computer skills and required programs.
  • Proficiency in English
  • Note: AIHRC prefers applicants with disabilities who have the above-mentioned capabilities.

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the monitoring and evaluation of the human rights of persons with disabilities across the country in cooperation with the Head of Advocacy Unit.
  • Collaborate with the Publication Unit in providing messages and materials for publishing in social media to raise public awareness of human rights of persons with disabilities.
  • Close coordination with the Human Rights Education Unit to raise awareness and developing materials on the rights of persons with disabilities in the country.
  • Co-operate and coordinate with the Program and Evaluation Unit to include the activities related to disability in the Action Plan and the Strategic Plan of the Commission.
  • Coordinate with the Research Unit and the Database to prepare questionnaires related to research on the situation of people with disabilities.
  • Establish coordination and cooperation with institutions active in the field of disability including the advocacy committee and the coordination group of the institutions active in the field of disability.
  • Establish coordination between the Persons with Disabilities Rights Unit and the Monitoring and Complaints Registration Unit in the Center and Regional Offices of the Commission.
  • Cooperate and providing advice in preparing a periodic shadow report on how to implement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the country with the cooperation of a legal expert and the advocacy officer of the Persons with Disabilities Rights Unit.
  •  Ongoing follow-up to ensure that the recruitment procedure for persons with disabilities is implemented in the Afghan Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission.
  • Collaborate and provide advice in planning to celebrate occasions related to people with disabilities such as: World White Cane Day World Day of Persons with Disabilities and International Week of People with Hearing Disabilities etc. including preparing messages conducting events and preparing resolutions and awareness campaigns through audio video print and social media.
  • Collect the weekly plan and weekly reports of the advocacy officer and legal expert and referring it to the relevant commissioner.
  • Supervise and provide the necessary advice to the other members of the Unit.
  • Provide advice on amending laws and policies related to persons with disabilities at the national level.
  • Provide advice and update effective advocacy procedures for better access of persons with disabilities to their human rights.
  • Respect the principle of maintaining confidentiality during and after the performance of duty.


The senior expert of the Persons with Disabilities Rights Unit must have the following capabilities:

  • The ability to move affairs forward and plan based on results-based management.
  • Ability to design and manage projects and programs and monitor and evaluate their progress.
  • Acquisition and demonstration of written and oral skills in communication.
  • Having high morale and sufficient energy for the implementation of assigned tasks and effective leadership and guidance of the working group

Submission Guideline

Request Submission Guide‌:

The AIHRC is looking for a senior expert with the aforementioned qualifications to work in the Persons with Disabilities Rights Unit. Those interested in this post should download and complete the job application form from  http://www.aihrc.org.af/media/files/JOb-Form/application_form.docx

and send it to vacancy@aihrc.org.af along with their CV.

AIHRC is an independent national body that considers equal opportunities and is committed to the principles of non-discrimination and gender equality. Talented women and people from minority groups and people with disabilities are preferred

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.

Yours sincerely

AIHRC’s Human Resource

Email: vacancy@aihrc.org.af