شناسه پست:1
عنوان: Videographer
دسته بندی:دیگر
مدت:1 Year (Extendable)
تاریخ ختم: 2021-03-10-(3 هفته مانده)
تعداد نفر:1
جنسیت:مرد یا زن


کارفرما: Alizeh | درباره Alizeh
شهر: کابل
کشور: AF


تجربه کاری:5 سال

  • A general passion and interest in film and video editing (previous samples of work preferred)

  • Ability to work with internal and external stakeholders to deliver content that meets brand standards and guidelines

  • Be creative and have a variety of technical skills including experience with Final Cut Pro Adobe Premiere and other video editing software.

  • The ability to listen to others and to work well as part of a team

  • The ability to provide professional insight and advice to produce best results

  • A high level of self-motivation commitment and dedication

  • The ability to manage multiple projects and adjust shifting priorities as they change


As a Videographer at Alizeh you’ll showcase your ability to serve as a creative leader in charge of creating videos that helps showcase our products services and corporate culture. You’ll spend your days in the field creating – and in the studio editing – a wide variety of employee features product demos testimonials and live events that help share our story with the world.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Working with a collaborative team to create the film or video products

  • Figuring out what type of equipment to use

  • Setting up and taring down cameras audio recorders lighting microphones and props

  • Calibrating and maintaining equipment

  • Preparing background film or “B” rolls as well as live feed

  • Adding computer graphics and special effects to a video

  • Inserting closed captioning graphics or other on-screen text into a video

طریقه ارسال درخواستی

ایمیل: [email protected]