; Short Term Training Opportunities in Tashkent-Uzbekistan | Jobs in Afghanistan

Basic Information

Vacancy Number:
Title: Short Term Training Opportunities in Tashkent-Uzbekistan
Exp.: 2021-12-28
Jobs no: 1
Gender: Male/Female


Organization: Headway International Academy
Location: Badakhshan, AF


Work Experience: NA Years

Individual fees: 270 USD

Group/Team (2 and more than 2): 220 USD

Duties & Responsibilities

To expand your and your teams leadership management analytic business development and organizational development skills to help increase efficiency optimize resources adapt to customers changing needs and make strategic partnerships. Our short team training will teach you how to develop strategies build processes use best practices and groom the workforce to get results. Headway International Academy offers the following short term internationally certified opportunities to organizations teams and individuals: 

  1. Facilitative Leadership
  2. Project Management
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation
  4. Analytic Softwares SPSS and Research Methods
  5. SPSS Data Analysis and Scientific Writing in Health
  6. Health Surveys and Research
  7. Health Facilities Management in COVID 19 Era in collaboration with Public Health School Tashkent Medical Academy 
  8. Mentoring and Coaching
  9. Gender-based Violence.
  10. Business Development
  11. Effective Communication and Business Writing
  12. Conflict Management
  13. Emergency Prevening Planning and Response

Duration: 1 Week.

Submission Guideline

Interested parties can submit their interest through the following email. Our dedicated admission team will provide you further information and guidance on the registration.

Email: headway@headway-academy.uk